food equity

Advocates for the rights of all people to access healthy and culturally appropriate food, and for the elimination of food insecurity and hunger.



Advance policies that fight hunger and improve nutrition for those who can afford it least

Background Information

Nutrition is essential for growth and development, particularly for young children, adolescents, and pregnant women. One in five children in Washington state today lives in a household that struggles with food access, and one in five Washington residents rely on their local food bank to fulfill their food needs. Further, one in seven Washington residents rely on SNAP benefits for food, and half of all SNAP recipients in Washington are children (data from Northwest Harvest Hunger). Since the recession in 2008 Federal funding has remained flat and has not increased to meet the growing need, further, the state of Washington has cut over $12 billion in basic needs services. Washington ranks 35th in the nation for school breakfast participation, and 45th for summer meals. We can and have to do better.

The Good Food Agenda