What is the Good Food Agenda?

The Good Food Agenda comes out of months of review and preparation, and builds on the work of the Washington State Food Systems Roundtable, a group of leaders representing all aspects of the food system across the state. Over the last five and half years the Roundtable has compiled a Prospectus of 213 action items for food system change under thirteen identified food system goals. From there, we have identified six measures in four focus areas to pursue as our action strategy.

The four core focus areas of the Good Food Agenda are: Food Justice, Food Equity, Public Health, and Environmental Protection and Sustainability. Together we believe that these four focus areas encompass a whole systems approach to food that is better for everyone, serving the people and the planet. For each core focus area we have chosen a specific measure to concentrate on for this first iteration of the 2017/2018 Good Food Agenda. Each focus area measure is listed below. We are currently working with our partners across the food space to determine clear and specific actions to accompany each measure. More information on our Actions is listed below. Our goal is to add many measures and many actions to the Agenda over time, but, for now, we are starting with these five achievable and attainable goals. With the help of you, our members, we can improve the health, equity, justice, and environmental sustainability of the food system here in Washington.