We are an advocacy organization working to create a healthy, just, and sustainable food system for all

Our goal is to reform our food system so that all people have access to GOOD FOOD -- food that is affordable, clean, healthy, delicious, and ecologically and socially regenerative.


Sustainability and regenerativity
Food as a basic human right
Transparency: human and animal welfare and justice
Individual health, local ecosystem health, and planetary health
Commitment to making the world a better place through improving our food system


We work to transform the food system through advocacy, education, and mobilizing consumer power.


Building our membership base of conscious consumers
Supporting consumers on the most effective strategies to improve the food system


Educating consumers about the needs and opportunities for food system change and the most effective strategies to improve the food system.

Consumer Mobilization

Vastly increasing our supporter base and educating them about the most effective strategies to improve the food system.


Eating is a political act.
— Michael Pollan


Stewards of Washington's Food System Roundtable

The Washington State Food System Roundtable was formed in 2012 by a broad and diverse coalition of government, agriculture, academic, and food-focused public and private partners with the goal of promoting a food system for our state that promotes the health of people, fosters a sustainable and resilient environment, is economically vibrant, and creates a more equitable and just society. The Round Table completed their five-year planning process in the spring of this year, 2017, with a roadmap of engagement and action goals to develop a vibrant, healthy, and equitable food system for our state. Food Action is now stepping in as an organizational leader to steward and facilitate these planning goals into action.